Motivation and Karma both are entwined

null  While building a nest, a bird never gets exasperated even it has to make strenuous efforts due to the vagaries of weather like heavy rains or dusty winds or even it faces any assault on its nest by any other animal, bird or man. But it does not give up and continues unmindful of these obstacles, by which it can be adduced that there is a direct connect between motivation and sincere and honest efforts. null

– dr ak agarwal

Delegation inspires , not despises

null  Delegation does not mean handing down crap ideas to subordinates. This behaviour of so-called delegator may be termed patent idiocy. Delegation is not a process where a dumping ground is created and those tasks are thrown at others which have spiralled out of control. Instead, delegation should generate a positive milieu and not a quagmire.  null

– dr ak agarwal

Motivation is a projection of your inner-voice

null  Motivation is a state of mind and cognitive force, it has got nothing to do with physicality. Motivation cannot be brought about by popping pills or injecting your veins, though some yogic exercises might be of some value in that direction. Motivation cannot be passed on to others forcibly, it has to come from within  null

– dr ak agarwal

The real meaning of an effective listening

null  A meaningful management conversation requires lending a good ear to the one who is speaking. Listening does not at all mean slipping into the sleeping zone…successful listening means a meditated stage where one gets to listen only, and only to understand the speaker’s viewpoint, good or bad, old or new, tried and tested or worn out, innovative or stereotyped.  null

– dr ak agarwal


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