Businesses today cannot grow without the vision of management and abilities of its people. The manager of today has to enable the creation, acceptance and implementation of this vision. The consumer needs, competition, technology and environment are changing at a fast pace. The business leaders have to be observant, creative and proactive in their search for quick responses to the changes.

This book focuses on the qualities and processes that need to be imbibed by practicing managers, especially middle level and above, to keep ahead in the race for excellence. The book gives practical insights and tips to enable management professionals to introspect and realize their growth potential.

The desirable leadership qualities such as Power of Observation; Ability to Analyze and Interpret; Being Creative and Innovative; Being Proactive, etc. have been discussed in detail. ‘Management by Walking’ facilitates the practicing of these qualities in a non-obtrusive manner.
The book offers a strong message that the corporate war cannot be won from the Boardroom. It can only be won in the management battlefield, which is the marketplace or production area or technology development area or customer support area, depending on the goal or target.
The book describes that an integral role of the management professionals is to encourage and facilitate the contribution and collection of inputs from all the team members through collaboration. Motivation and loyalty are the other by-products of collaboration.

The book emphasizes that motivational leadership goes a long way in inspiring and achieving high levels of productivity and loyalty from not only one’s teams, but from business partners as well. Time spent in understanding the motivational criteria is like a fixed deposit that continues to give its returns for a long period.

The book Management by Walking initiates the reader into the journey of learning and adapting to the dynamically changing needs of the businesses. A must read for managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and academicians.